Sesame Street series  LbNA # 42782 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 14 2008
LocationZanesville, OH
Found By MonkeyAround
Last Found May 27 2012
Hike Distance?

This series is located in Woodlawn Cemetery. To reach the cemetery entrance from the West take Rt. 40 East to Pine St. Turn right onto Pine and continue until you reach Pershing Ave. Turn left onto Pershing. Continue on this road until you reach the cemetery entrance.

From the entrance turn left at the first road. Go past the Woodlawn Memorial and section NN to the grave of William M. Dodd. Big Bird is nesting in the tree to his left about 5 ft. off the ground.

Continue around the circle and down the hill. Turn right at Harry H. Hazlett. Turn left by Weaver passing Adolf and Oakwood. At the next road turn right. When you reach Singer turn left and follow the fence line to a seven trunked tree that is split by the fence. Kermit is hiding in the middle of the left section under some sticks.

Continue along the road staying straight passing Lewis and Smith. When you reach a T turn left. At the fork in the road turn right between Hazlett and Linn. Turn right at Johnson and head into section W. Turn right at the fork by section YY and continue on to the Thomas crypt. Walk up 11 steps between Thomas and Crew. Look left to the tree with many trunks. Cookie is here beneath rocks and sticks. Please rehide well!

Take notice of the many crypts. The one belonging to the Stevens family is very interesting to look at and is still open. Continue past Stevens then turn left passing England. Immediately on your left you'll find a tall maple. Amidst its roots you'll find Elmo.

Bonus box: Snuffleupagus. Find another spot within 1 pace of Elmo where Snuffie might be able to hide. Here you'll find him.

Please remember to reseal baggies and rehide well. Keep us informed of any missing boxes or ones that need repair. Hope you enjoyed your tour!