Crooked Cousins  LbNA # 42783

Placed DateAug 14 2008
LocationStonington, ME
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Last EditedApr 9 2016

** This box is only accessible by boat, or a strong swimmer at low tide.**

***Temporarily removed for maintenance 10/15**

We go to Stonington every year to visit our grandparents who own a house there. While we are there, we always swim out to an island. This year we have decided to place a letterbox there to share this beautiful place and the fun we have had at this island.
To get there:
Follow the signs towards Stonington on Deer Isle, route 15. At Deer Isle village bear right going through the village on rt. 15A. As you get closer to Stonington, there will be a gas station and a store called Burnt Cove Market on the left. At that point, turn right onto Sand Beach Road. If you go all the way into Stonington you have gone too far. Stay on Sand Beach Road until you come to a parking area to the side of the road on the right. You will see signs there for a park (Sand Beach). Park your car on the side of the road and walk down the little dirt road to the beach.
If you are going by boat, launch your boat here at Sand Beach. Paddle out of the cove and look to your left for a close island. This is Weir island.
If you are swimming, you must go at low tide. At the end of this first path, before you get to the water, look to your left for a well worn path leading into the woods. It leads to another beach. You will see rock steps leading down to the beach. If you look straight ahead in this cove you will see Weir Island. Weir Island can easily be distinguished because of a pine tree that leans off the left side of the island.
Once you have traveled to Weir Island, find the base of the crooked tree. From there, walk 55 steps along the south side of the island. Look to the north. See the rock steps? Travel up them into the woods. Next, go down a grassy trail to your right. You will pass the Weir Island info, mounted on a tree. Keep going along the path leading to the ocean. Don’t go too far! To your left is a boulder. Look North and find a large tree. Under a rock and some bark, is your treasure.