After Glow Vista  LbNA # 42798

Placed DateAug 8 2008
CountySan Juan
LocationRoche Harbor, WA
Planted BySuperAgentNudge    
Found By Xanadu
Last Found Jul 8 2015
Hike Distance?

First take a ferry or private boat to San Juan Island and get yourself to Roche Harbor. From Roche Harbor, follow the signs for the Mausoleum, past the church, past the pool, past the cabins, rental mopeds, outdoor art gallery, and just above the airport is the trail head.

Getting to Afterglow Vista requires a half-mile walk through the forest. The trail snakes through a wooded graveyard in which several graves are surrounded by wrought iron or picket fences. It’s an easy trail to follow with plenty of signs with the letter M and arrows pointing the way to the mausoleum.

Enter the gates, walk up the stairs, stand facing the table.

Turn to the right and exit the archway, follow the path to the right, down the stairs and then take the path to the left.

Walk a few yards until you see a piled up white rock wall, and Y in the trail.

Below the white rock wall is a a pile of mossy rocks, and two large pine trees on your left.

Take a left at the Y and then go down and stand below the uphill, largest pine tree and turn to face the pile of mossy rocks below the white rock wall and walk 5-6 paces forward.

Look downward and hidden under a large mossy rock, in the crevice, located in the dead center of the Y in the trail above lies what you search for.

PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE MOSSY ROCK, just reach in the crevice of the pile!