The Rock  LbNA # 42815 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 15 2008
LocationPoipu, HI
Planted ByMusic Lovers    
Found By Pudies
Last Found Jun 10 2010
Hike Distance?

There are so many beautiful places to view the ocean and shoreline in Kauai. One of our favorites in the Poipu area can be found at the top of the magnificent rock outcropping at Shipwreck. This “Rock” made an appearance in Harrison Ford’s movie, Six Days Seven Nights.

Simply follow the trail from the parking lot, or walk along the beach from the parking lot toward Shipwreck, and follow the short trail to the top. It’s not a long hike, and don’t let the rocky portion at the top of the trail discourage you. As you walk along the trail, take time to enjoy the music of the area: the ”beating” surf rolling onto the beach, the wind “whistling” through the foliage, and the “crackling” of the water running over the lava rocks. You might even witness one of the brave (perhaps crazy?!) folks jumping off the top of Shipwreck into the ocean below.

Once you reach the top of the trail, look for the first, tall metal stake in the rock. You’ll find this box tied to the clump of bushes by that metal stake. For safety reasons, there is no need to walk beyond the top of the trail. Simply enjoy the view, and take the box back down the trail a bit where the wind won’t carry anything away before replacing it.

Have Fun!