Seaside Nature Trail  LbNA # 4283 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 10 2002
LocationLewes, DE
Found By geckospot
Last Found Jul 30 2008
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Seaside Nature Trail

Enter Cape Henlopen State Park. (An entry fee is required during the summer months.) Find the Seaside Interpretive Trail. Trail guides may be available at the trailhead or at the Seaside Nature Center. Although the trail is not located in the most scenic part of the park, you can learn a lot about the geology, ecology, and history of Cape Henlopen as you move from marker to marker. After you pass marker #13 you are approaching your quarry. Pass one arrow and continue up the hill and through the grove of cedars. Stop at the next arrow and prepare to leave the trail. Straight ahead is a Japanese black pine. Go to the second Loblolly pine on your left and look at the base of the tree under the pinecones and pine needles.