Maiden Rock Memento  LbNA # 42842

Placed DateAug 17 2008
LocationStockholm, WI
Found By Optic
Last Found Aug 31 2013
Hike Distance?

Maiden Rock Memento

From the Great River Road, take County Rd J out of Stockholm, then go left on County Rd E. Look for Long Lane on the left and follow it to its termination in a small parking lot. Read about the legend of Winona and the natural significance of this beautiful place high above the Mississippi River. Follow the footpath beside the kiosk, through the forest and to the top of the bluff until you arrive at a "T," whereupon you must turn left. Proceed until you see the clearing ahead where the precipice lies. (Be careful! Don't let children run ahead untended!) There will be a weathered pine beside a flat rock ledge on your right. Stop here and turn squarely to your left. Seven steps from the path will take you to a downed tree and you will find the young Winona's companion under it. Please cover it well with the bark again when you leave.

There is a photo clue published on atlasquest.