Born in the _ _ _: First Powell, WY Letterbox!  LbNA # 42856

Placed DateAug 18 2008
LocationPowell, WY
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Last EditedDec 27 2015

Hey there, Cowfolk! Yee-haw! Y'all ready to find yerselves a little bit of Wyoming gold?

To start, head East from downtown Powell on Highway 14A. Take a left on Road 8. You'll be headed north at this point. Next, take a left at the street number that equals this: (6 x 15) + (35) - (118). You'll now be heading west. Just before you see a large, white tower on your left hand side, take a left on a road that leads you into a large cul-de-sac. As you bike/walk/drive along the beginning of this loop, look to your right and you will see 4 large blue spruces. The second closest to the large, white tower is where your prize awaits!

Heading to that tree, position yourself so that a stop sign is in front of you (far ahead in the distance) and so that the bathrooms are to your right. Look now directly to your left within the tree. Climbing you will not have to do...

Happy hunting!