The Song Bird Series (4)  LbNA # 42885 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 19 2008
LocationMarietta, OH
Found By the simpsons
Last Found Aug 30 2009
Hike Distance?

North Country National Scenic Trail

710 Colegate Dr
Marietta, OH 45750

A national hiking trail stretching from New York to North Dakota. Locally, the trail will pass through Marietta linking scenic, natural, recreational, historic, and cultural areas of the city. The trail will be 7 miles in length across the city limits with approximately 2 miles of off-road trail.

The newest addition of trail at WSCC can now be accessed by the parking at the intersection of Colegate and Glendale (at the gravel pull-off) and following the blue trail markers from there. The completed portion of the North Country Trail is approximately 1.5 miles. Trail development is continuing.

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Well maintained trail
Time: About 10 minutes for first box
Distance: 1.5 miles entire trail 1/4 mile to first box
Please Bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and a means to wipe yourself off and the box if needed.


After parking at the gravel pull-off look straight ahead and see the blue trail maker by the telephone pole. Turn right and proceed along the worn path on the ground. It winds its way around the back of some houses and onto the head of the trail. You will see another blue marking. From the trail head go 94 steps to an overhanging tree on your right. I believe it is a locust tree. From the tree take a heading of 130 degrees and take six steps to your right off the trail. Behind a grouping of tree you will see the letterbox covered by rocks. Discretely remove the rocks and look at your find. Leave the log book and stamp and carefully seal everything back up. Cover it back up as you found it and enjoy the rest of the trail. The trail winds its way around and finally ends at Washington State Community College.

Box #2 The Blue Bird - From the first box go back to the trail and go 50 paces. You will notice a large tree to your right that overhangs the trail. Take a reading of due north from this tree and take 6 steps forward. Behind a fallen log under a rock is the Blue Bird's nest. Please replace, reseal, and reset to the way you found it after stamping.

Box #3 The Nightingale - Continue along the trail and you will notice that it winds to the right and has a slight incline. To your right you will notice a grouping of trees covered with vines. On one of the tree trunks you will see a blue trail marking. Go behind this grouping and you will see the box covered with a rock. Please replace, reseal, and reset to the way you found it after stamping.

Box # 4 The Bonus Box - Continue up the hill from box #3. Continue on the trail until you see a brown post with a blue trail marker on it. Follow the arrow and continue on the trail. You will see another blue trail marker with an arrow on it posted to a tree. This will led you into the woodsy part of the trail. From that tree go 26 paces down trail and turn to your right. Under an old pile of boards you will see the bonus box. Please fill out the information on the stamp and notify me your answers.
Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the trail and boxes.