American River Trail Series  LbNA # 4291 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 8 2003
LocationSacramento, CA
Found By Jiggs
Last Found Oct 12 2003
Hike Distance?

American River Bike Trail
Marker 8 - Missing as of 9/08/03 - Give it back!
Marker 8.5 - Removed 04/04
Marker 10 Missing as of 10/03 The American River Bike Trail is a biking, hiking and equestrian trail spanning 32.6 miles between Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA to Folsom Lake in Folsom, CA. The path follows the American river for much of its course and hosts plants, birds and animals. Not all of them are friendly so use caution!
There are many access points to the trail. State park, parking lots are $5 to $6 for a day permit. However, there are many other options. To approach the first box on foot or to make it a short bike ride follow these directions to a "free" parking lot.

From downtown Sacramento, take J st east towards Sac State. Continue on road as it turns into Fair Oaks Blvd. Shortly after this, you will make a left turn onto Cadillac Dr. Follow this U shaped bypass until you come to the parking lot for the public golf course on your left. Park here. From the parking lot head towards the small snack shop in the back of the lot, and past this up a small hill. You will now see the trail, and the golf course in front of you. Turn left onto the trail, this is east, and proceed to Mile Marker 8. The Quail box is about 3 miles roundtrip from the parking lot. To continue on for the series, I would recommend a bike, or locating access paths closer to each box, but then again, I don't like long walks.

Difficulty: Easy. My clues will hinder you more than any physical aspect of the search.