Oh Boy!  LbNA # 42930

Placed DateAug 21 2008
LocationHowe Farm Dog Park, Long Lake Rd SE, Port Orchard, WA
Found By K&K
Last Found Aug 12 2012
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedSep 14 2015

Please recover to look natural with fallen wood and duff.

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Howe Farm County Dog Park is the place to take your canine buddy to play and where Oh Boy! is waiting to sniff and make your acquaintance. An 83 acre county park with an extensive off-leash hiking area with both meadow and trees.

Find Howe Farm Park on Long Lake between Sedgewick and Mile Hill Road. go through the gate at the west end of the parking area (going into the trees not into the meadow).
Follow the trail into the trees, the creek will be on your left going in. At the Y go right, if you cross the bridge you went too far.
At the intersection go left. There is a sign in the NW corner of the intersection "Help keep this park safe."
At about 35 steps you need to make another choice; go left.
Count 25 steps. Face left and notice a triplet of old growth trees about 5 steps off the trail.
Oh Boy! is wiggling and wagging to meeting you in the base of the large trunk, on the south side of the triplet. While he is fully under the tree trunk, duff hides the door to his den.

If you go for the box first, there is still plenty of trail to run along and explore. Warning, pooper bags are provided for canine needs, but there seems to be no facility for their human companions. McD's is not too far down the road.

Message from finders regarding possible trail changes: Found it! I agree that I think the entrances have changed a bit, but with help from my husband, we were able to find the right path. The sign we aligned with is now a Mutt Mitt station. Hope that helps!

Hike Length: 0.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1 feet