Chipmunk's Day Camp  LbNA # 42937

OwnerDoxie Duo    
Placed DateAug 6 2008
LocationEagle Point, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Although no one has signed in as having found this box, we checked it on Oct. 6th, 2009 and 5 people have stamped it, as recently as this week!

Fish Lake is our two dachshunds’ favorite place to go camping. They love watching “The Chipmunk Channel” out the window of our trailer – better than Animal Planet! When we planted this box in August the mosquitoes were pesky, so come prepared!

Fish Lake Campground is 26 miles East of Eagle Point on Hwy 140. If you park at the boat ramp of the campground, there is a $5 day use fee. Another option would be to park at the Fish Lake Resort restaurant/store parking area. You are allowed to park there for free for one hour if you go in and have a snack, buy a frosty, etc. Personally, I would prefer to spend my money to get an ice cream, drink, or candy bar to enjoy while searching for letterboxes! Parking here will also put you closer to our letterbox hidden at the resort – be sure to also bring directions for it - Chipmunk’s Treasure! Either place you park, you should be able to find both boxes within an hour.

For Chipmunk’s Day Camp, begin your search in the NW corner of the boat ramp parking lot at Fish Lake Campground. Follow the rocky trail from the parking lot uphill to the main trail. Turn left and follow the trail past a bench on your left, until you come to signs on both the right and left sides of the trail at the Y intersection. Turn to face the sign on the right (Doe Point Campground, East Loop). Look beyond the sign to fallen tree roots about 30’ away. Chipmunk Day Camp is held under the root that points to the north, under bark and debris.
Please let us know when you find any of our boxes! Happy letterboxing!