Gamboling Grinny Gopher  LbNA # 42962

Placed DateAug 23 2008
LocationBoone, IA
Found By Hawktwins2001
Last Found Sep 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Gamboling Grinny Gopher

I first heard a ground squirrel/gopher called a "Grinny" from a friend of mine who lives adjacent to McHose park in Boone. They're quite common here--not only in the park but in back yards and fields all around the area.

Grinny is hiding in a wooded area of McHose Park in Boone, Iowa so you may want insect repellant. I didn't see any poison ivy, but watch out for spider webs across the path.

You can enter McHose park from the Highway 30 rest area in Boone, just west of the traffic light on south Story street. Follow the winding paved road (Francis Mason Drive) into the park. About a quarter mile into the park you'll see a large statue of Theodore Roosevelt on the left. This marks a picnic loop with open areas, a playground, and some of the park's Frisbee golf holes. Follow the picnic loop along the south side until you come to a trailhead labelled Roosevelt Ridge Picnic Area.

Follow the trail about forty-five steps until you come to a dirt path crossing the trail. Turn left on the path. After about 35 steps it bends to the right around a tree and starts to go downhill. About 20 more steps brings you to the end of a fallen tree on the left side of the trail. Follow the trunk and find Grinny nestled in the fork.

If you're the first finder, there's a token there for you.