Collegial Series  LbNA # 42981

Placed DateAug 24 2008
LocationZanesville, OH
Found By Buckeye Boxers
Last Found Jun 20 2012
Hike Distance?

Collegial Series: OUZ/ZSC

Ohio University of Zanesville was established in 1946. It is a major research university that gives individual attention through its smaller classes. It has 50 fulltime staff members. Commuter students, students right out of high school or working through their high schools in their upper class years, students working while on the job, and transfers from other colleges, universities, or technical schools make up the students at OUZ.

Zane State College is a 2-year technical college located to the left of OUZ. At ZSC you can earn an associate degree while participating in experienced-based learning. They have degrees in applied business or science, and have general, basic, and technical courses. The two campuses share the same library.

OUZ: THIS BOX IS MISSING! CHECK BACK AS IT WILL BE REPLACED! The first letterbox in this series is located in the walking trails behind Ohio University of Zanesville. OUZ is on Rt. 146 going north out of Zanesville. It is also called Newark Road. Go in the main entrance of the college and go to the right all the way to the back parking lot. You will see a wooden board with all the trails for Collegial Woods posted. Walk on this gravel path going around several curves, past several trails including the Buckeye Trail until you get to the Ginko Trail. Turn right onto this trail. Continue on this beautiful shady trail until you get to a bench that sits in front of a HUGE oak tree. Sit and enjoy the view. There is a split in the bottom of the trunk with accumulated dirt piled up. Walk down to the split and carefully dig in the top left-hand corner to unearth the OUZ letterbox. Please rebury carefully so that it cannot be seen. There is no poison ivy there, but be careful of the sticker bushes!

ZSC: THIS BOX IS THERE! REPLACED 4/27/2009! NOTICE DIRECTIONS HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY! To get to the second letterbox in this series, continue on the Ginko Trail. It does go down the hill so be careful. Cross the stream. When you come to a post with markers on it, turn right on the Buckeye Trail. Cross a small bridge. Go left on the River Birch Trail. You will come to a large newly built handicapped accessible wooden bridge that goes over a stream. Go over the bridge, crossing the river. Turn right at the end of the bridge and walk along the side of the bridge. Count 4 vertical supports of the handrail on top of the bridge or 2 vertical supports under the bridge. Look up under the left side of the support under the bridge to find the ZSC letterbox. I have used velcro to keep the box in place so replace carefully.

To exit the trails, go back over the bridge and continue on the River Birch Trail the way you were going (turn left after crossing back over the bridge). Go up the hill and when you come to a post, turn left on the Buckeye Trail. You will come to the main path. Turn left to return to the parking lot.

I hope you enjoy finding these two boxes. These do involve some walking on the trails so wear your walking shoes. You also need to bring your own inkpad for the first box. Let us know when you find them and hopefully they will stay hidden!