Quotable Pinckney  LbNA # 42985

Placed DateAug 24 2008
LocationMount Pleasant, SC
Planted ByBluegrassBOXers    
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Dec 29 2009
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Born in 1757, Charles Pinckney was part of a prominent Charleston family. He eventually served in the General Assembly, represented South Carolina at the Constitutional Convention, served as governor of SC and was Ambassador to Spain under Thomas Jefferson. He also represented the state in both houses of Congress.

Snee Farm was his family's homestead and he inherited it from his father in 1782. Now the 28 remaining acres of Snee Farm are preserved as part of the National Park Service and you can view exhibits in the house and tour the grounds.

The search for this letterbox begins on the trail behind the house. We recommend that you pick up a trail guide from inside the house. Follow the trail through the red cedars that line the roadway, then turn right at the marker toward stop number 2, the slave community. Just past that, you will have a chance to turn right or go straight. Going straight lets you include the nature trail in the visit and the letterbox in tucked along the trail. Follow the mulched path and be sure to stay on the path. At one point, it may seem to fork and you should stay with the wider path to the left.

Look for the huge tree on the left with the remnants of an old tree house (steps nailed to the tree quite high up). Proceed about 80 paces (11-year old's paces!) along the trail to a fallen tree on the right. The box is in a hole in the base of the tree (around to the left) under a brick.

Continue to follow the trail to enjoy the boardwalk into the marsh. If you have kids along with you, they may enjoy doing the Junior Ranger Program when you return to the house. Just ask the ranger inside. Either way, take some time to dance in the sun!