Free Spirits  LbNA # 42986

Ownerblue angel pumbaa    
Placed DateMay 26 2007
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 30 2008
Hike Distance?

These boxes are for all seekers, not just a select few.

The first two are stamps only; please bring your own ink. The third box has the log book and markers. This walk is both kid and dog-friendly.

David, Edie, Peter, Olivia, Tom lived on a gray road. They yearned for a place to call their own, but they settled on land reserved for all where a regal river runs.

Start at the north loop trail marker – 1.7 miles.

Walk along the trail for a while. Enjoy the day. Eventually you will start going downhill. Cross an opening in an old rock wall. From the opening go 6 or 7 paces (every time your right foot touches the ground). Look to the back of the wall. Here lives the Spirit-Who-Would-Not-Be-Broken.

After stamping continue on the trail. After a bit you will see a junction of several rock walls. The trail turns left, heading NW. Cross two partially broken bridges. After passing through a large downed tree you'll see a bigger stream to your right. Stop and look. The trail bends to the left (a skinny downed tree marks the left edge of the trail). From here, veer off the trail and cross the stream over the flat rocks. You'll see a large, moss-covered rock all by itself. Look to the back/side of the rock. This free spirit sits just quietly, listening to the river (while all the others like him run and jump and butt their heads together).

After stamping go back to the trail. Keep walking. You will start going uphill. You will cross another broken bridge. 13 paces from the bridge look to the ledges you see on your right. Again, veer from the trail and cross the stream. If you had the strength of this next character you would likely climb straight up. If not, you might consider going up the left side, walking over the top and peering into that ledge. Please Note! This part isn't toddler-friendly. Probably ages 6 and up will do just fine, though. Once you find your prize, settle in and be patient with the markers. Tell me about your journey and the day. There are many colors but if you take your time it will be worth it. If the bugs are too much or you are pressed for time, skip the border and concentrate your efforts on the character herself. Enjoy this free spirit who makes her own way in the world.

Afterward, make your way back to the trail and keep going until you get back to the parking lot. Along the way home, if you are unsure of which turn to make or see a short-cut, just keep going to the left and you'll make it.

(We placed these boxes in May of 2007 but never posted the clues. We have recently checked on them and they are fine.)