Go! Fight! Win!  LbNA # 42991

Placed DateAug 24 2008
LocationDublin, OH
Found By Spirit Stone Frog
Last Found Aug 20 2009
Hike Distance?

Go! Fight! Win!

This clue was updated on Sept. 19, 2008. Upon checking on the box, a big tree had blown over and was laying against the tree where the box was. Therefore I moved it just a bit.

Go! Fight! Win! is located behind Midwest Gym and Cheerleading in Sports Ohio across from the Chiller. From Rt 161 turn onto Cosgray Rd. and turn left on to Dublin Park Rd. Go to the parking lot located behind Midwest Gym and go to the far north side of the parking lot. Soccer First will be on your right. Count over 5 parking spaces and you will be facing a row of pine trees. Walk north 10 steps into the pine trees and come to a family of 5 trees. There you will find Go! Fight! Win!

hint this is not the parking lot that Midwest Gym is located. It is a seperate parking lot located to the rear/side of it that seperates Midwest Gym and Soccer First.