Olde Mystick Village  LbNA # 4304 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 10 2003
CountyNew London
LocationMystic, CT
Found By lynn & dave
Last Found Sep 8 2005
Hike Distance?

NB: Box was planted by previous store owners and the current owners state that the box is no longer there.

Take I-95 to Exit 90 to Olde Mystick Village (by the aquarium)

• Park near the main entrance to Go Fish restaurant

• Face the red awning over the front door and start walking to your right

• Take a quick left down the path into the village and you will see a village map ahead on your left

• Go past the country bakery and turn right immediately after the chocolate shop

• Take your next left just before a low stone wall and continue past a large red barn on your right (look for the mallards!)

• Bear right on trail around the same red barn

• Very soon you’ll come to a gazebo on your left. Follow the trail across from the gazebo between buildings marked 19-A (on the right) and 19-B on the left. You will walk under a roof.

• Continue past the white church on your left and take a left.

• Make a quick right and you’ll soon come to an Irish shop on your left.

• Look across the path from the Irish shop for a lamppost marked with the number of cards in a playing card deck (minus the Jokers)

• From this lamppost, continue ______ (blank equals # of days of Noah’s flood) steps and look for the shop marked 8-J to the right of the doorway.

• Enter the shop and immediately turn left. Continue around the corner along the left wall until you come to the doghouse.

• Turn right and walk 3 steps, then left and about 5 steps.

• Exit door is in front of you but don’t leave yet!

• Look to your right in the far corner under the bottom shelf for the prize. You will find instructions in the box for the bonus stamp.

• After you stamp in, get the bonus and browse for a while.

• When you’re done, go out the way you came in, turn left and continue to your car in the parking lot on your right. This is my first box planted and I hope you enjoy it. E-mail me and let me know how you made out.

Happy hunting!