Squeaky's Box  LbNA # 43058

Placed DateAug 27 2008
LocationMarbury (Smallwood State Park), MD
Planted ByThompson Paws    
Found By Wolf Pack 5
Last Found Feb 14 2009
Hike Distance?

Enter Smallwood State Park and look for the Recycled Tire Playground. East of the playground is the entrance to General's Walk Foot Trail. The entrance is located between the playground and the pavilion. Enter the trail and walk down the steps following the white marks on the trees along the trail. As you walk down the trail, it makes a sharp left. After making the left you keep walking a short distance until the trail starts to make an "S" shape. Look to your right and you will see a good size popular tree with a smaller popular tree growing out of it's base. The popular tree is two trees in one. In front of this double tree is a old fallen pine tree with lots of branches. Go to the base of this fallen pine tree and there you will find Squeaky's Letterbox.