John's First Birthday box  LbNA # 43060 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Bergs    
Placed DateAug 27 2008
LocationLafayette, CO
Found By Front Range Hiker
Last Found Aug 31 2008
Hike Distance?


Our son John turned One at the beginning of July. We decided to hide our first letterbox for him!
Our letterbox is hidden at Cottonwood Park in Lafayette, CO. This park is on Centaur Circle. This street is a looping street so the park can be hard to find. Coming from South Boulder Rd, turn South onto Centaur Village Drive. When you come to a stop sign, take a left onto Centaur Circle. Follow this road to the left and you will find Cottonwood Park on your right.

From the street entrance, walk down the cement path. There is a fence on your right hand side that is bordering the park. Towards the end of the park, the path splits. The left path goes directly into the playground, on the right is the very last bush that runs along with the fence. If you are standing in front of this bush walk to the back left hand side. Under the bush on the ground are two large quartz rocks, you will find our Son's letterbox beneath the rocks and some leaves.

PLEASE rehide this letter box just as you found it. We are usually the only folks at the park, so you should find it easy and very private. Since this is our first letterbox, would you please email us and let us know how it is doing, and give us feed back on the clues. Thank you.
Blessings and Peace to all!