Rainbow of Friendship  LbNA # 43072 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 2 2008
CountyNew London
LocationLebanon (Camp Laurel), CT
Planted BySparkRocker    
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Apr 27 2014
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Rainbow of Friendship

This Letterbox is located at a Girl Scout camp. Therefore, only Girl Scouts can find it!

1. Start at Craftie Hut
2. Go to the back of Craftie Hut and walk down the trail
3. Pass Hunter’s Rest and bare right
4. See the Caution sign
5. Go over bridge
6. Follow path past Hickory tent
7. Stop at the Porta-Potties
8. Take a left and go up the trail
9. Stop at the road
10. Take a left and pass the second speed bump
11. Blue Mr. Yuk will be on the left
12. The rainbow shaped benches will be on your left
13. Follow the road until you see Sandy Shore on your left
14. Look to your right
15. You will see a tall stump on a hill
16. Behind the stump is the Pot of Friendship. It is wedged in a little to the left of the stump at the top of the wall

Created by Chatham Girl Scouts: Kristen R, Sara T, Kayla, Jessica S, Sierra T, Tessa Y, Emily F, Libby R, Bethany P, Alyssa C, Kelly C, Emma P, Lauren P, Jemma D