The Itchy Ivy  LbNA # 43074 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 2 2008
CountyNew London
LocationLebanon (Camp Laurel), CT
Planted BySparkRocker    
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The Itchy Ivy

This Letterbox is located at a Girl Scout camp. Therefore, only Girl Scouts can find it!

1. Start at the parking lot
2. Head to the blue garbage dumpster
3. Turn left and go to Hunter’s Rest
4. Go to the fork and turn left
5. At the bottom of the hill you will find a fire pit
6. Turn right
7. Pass the bench with a view of a pond
8. Keep going straight
9. Go past the big rock
10. Slow down when you see the tents
11. Look for a dead tree that has a wild blueberry bush in front of it
12. Look in the stump and you will find the Itchy Ivy box

Created by Chatham Girl Scouts: Taylor, Sarah W, Alexis S, Meghan Q, Cassidy F, Celia B, Emily R, Elizabeth K, Molly B