Tilting Twins  LbNA # 43088

Placed DateAug 29 2008
LocationMcCall, ID
Planted Bymapacheuno    
Found By Blackvelvetrav
Last Found Jun 12 2009
Hike Distance?

To enter PSP you’ll have to pay the toll ($4).
Follow the route to the scenic overlook and do not be disuaded by the unpaved road that narrows. As you crest a small hill, to your left you will see a cove on the North Fork of Payette Lake; there’s a convenient place to park. From the parking area, follow the well worn path to the lake shore and turn to your right and head north along the shore. Continue by a well worn fishing spot to a well worn stump. From the stump continue 21 paces north along the shore (walking on the basalt is best). There behind tilting twin Ponderosa Pines is a beautiful large flat rock. The box will be near the base.

This letterbox has been placed as part of a place-based education phenology assignment.
After finding the Tilting Twins, please take a moment to record any sights sounds or smells you experience.