"A" is for Apple  LbNA # 43096

Placed DateAug 27 2008
LocationOwensboro, KY
Planted ByCyprus    
Found By Bear-n-all
Last Found Jun 24 2014
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"A" is for Apple

ďAĒ is for apple. Because we are homeschoolers, we feel this theme is perfect. Hopefully there will be more letter themed boxes to follow later on. The letter ďAĒ takes us to the orchard.

Reidís Orchard is a great place to visit for the whole family. It is especially nice in the fall. It offers a corn maze, and also a shorter soybean maze for the younger ones. When you are finished finding the letterbox, you may want to stop in the store and get some fresh produce or even an apple slushie. To find out more about the orchard you can visit their site http://www.reidorchard.com/site/

Reidís is located at 4812 State Route 144, on the outskirts of Owensboro , KY. To get there from Owensboro take Hwy 60E and stay to the right to get onto Ky Hwy. 144. Once you get on 144 it is about a mile before you will see the BIG apple on your right-turn here!

From the entrance, it is about .7mile straight down the road to get to the wishing well, which is where you need to go. Whether you drive the whole way, or park at the store and walk the rest of the way is up to you. The well is set back from the left side of the road a bit- youíll know it when you see it. Stop at the well to make a wish. Then have a seat on the taller stone bench with your back toward the well. From here youíll see a tree with many broken branches, one to the left side bowing toward the ground. Walk to that tree. (beware of burrs and tall grass!) At the base there are several large rocks. Follow around the right side till you see a rock that is smoother than the rest. Look in the hollow behind it. There you will find ďAĒ.

Reidís is sometimes a busy place. Please take care when finding this box to keep it secret from onlookers to protect the box from others who donít know what letterboxing is all about. When you are finished with the box, please hide it well in the same spot you found it. This will ensure the safety of the box so others can find it as well.