Autumn At The Whistle Stop  LbNA # 43104

Ownerangel treads    
Placed DateAug 30 2008
LocationWest Farmington, ME
Found By Makita
Last Found Sep 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Autumn At The Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop Rail Trail is located on Oakes St., in West Farmington, Maine, across from the post office. This trail runs from Farmington to Jay - a 13 mile corridor.

Look for signs to parking lot. There is only one trail entrance. After walking along a tree-lined trail for a few minutes, you will come to a wooden bridge with a beautiful view of the Sandy River on either side. Shortly after crossing the bridge, you will see an ATV trail off to your left. Take this trail, which slopes slightly down a small hill. About halfway down, you will see twin birch trees on your left. STOP. Look past the birches for a twisted tree. Behind this tree you will find your prize hidden under stones and some debris.

This is our very first plant, so please be sure to let us know of your find and the well-being of the box.