Spud Day  LbNA # 43117 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTater Sue    
Placed DateAug 29 2008
LocationShelley, ID
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Hike Distance?

Currently MISSING, will replant, with new clues soon.

Directions: On I-15, take exit 108 "Shelley Area" exit. Turn EAST after you exit ( on 1250 Rd N)
Head all the way down the road until you get to the town of Shelley. (cops here are strict, do not drive over speed limit)
At the first stop light, turn LEFT (north).
Take the first RIGHT and go over the railroad tracks.
Take the first LEFT on SPUD ALLEY :)
You will be passing several small potato warehouses on the left.
Park in the vacant lot after the warehouses, and before the stop sign.

Directions to Letterbox:
Walk back toward the grain bins, and stop at the corner of the building before you get to the grain bins. Face NORTH and take 24 steps toward the liclac bush near the double doors. The Spud Day letterbox in the back at the base of the lilac bush, with a lava rock on top.

Please remember to place the lava rock on top when replacing the box.

Spud Day is a great small town festival, held every year on the 3rd Saturday in September. Come visit, you'll have a great time!

This is our 2nd letterbox, placed by Blackstar and Tater Sue!!!

There is a First Finder prize :)