Prong Pond Birch  LbNA # 43130

Placed DateAug 23 2008
LocationGreenville, ME
Planted ByBryan C    
Found By chadwickcrockett
Last Found Oct 11 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 22 2015

Once in Greenville proceed through the flashing light in town driving North on the Lily Bay Rd for approximately 7 miles. Turn right onto the Prong Pond Rd, (one of the routes to the B-52 Crash Site); as soon as you turn onto dirt road, within 200 feet you turn right again to the Prong Pond boat launch.

Once at the boat launch, park your vehicle and walk to the brown box adjacent to the launch to check out the daily catch. After checking the catch, turn with your back toward the box and walk 32 paces to the secondary “Private Road”. Once there look towards the water and check out the view. Look right and locate the only cedar tree in the parking lot island, walk in this direction and look for the twisted Birch tree, one located check the roots on the back side of the tree.