Footsteps in the Forest  LbNA # 43144 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 31 2008
LocationNaperville, IL
Planted ByNaperville Tornados    
Found By Kiddy Writer
Last Found Mar 12 2009
Hike Distance?

In the Spring, water flows in this forest preserve and the sky is filled with flight. Don't stop for a bite to eat, seek shelter at the start. At the edge of the shelter clearing seek a small hidden path going South. Follow it through trees of shade and flowers ever so tall to the main trail. Turn left and follow the trail past a graveyard of trees. At the edge of the road stay right. Enter Echo Tunnel on to the pond of boulders. Turn left and follow the path to a fork in the road. Go the way of the barkless tree. Follow the path until you reach an abandoned entrance. Seek the sign of knowledge and face it. Turn right and count 22 paces to the edge of the grass. Look for a teepee of branches. Your prize lies in the stomach of a giant now eaten by termites. Look closely because the box has camouflage tape on it to ward off all but the true letterboxer.