The Hall of Fame Rock Box  LbNA # 43153

OwnerKrazy Kuzinz    
Placed DateAug 14 2008
LocationCleveland, OH
Found By traveljam
Last Found Dec 20 2010
Hike Distance?

In a city that commemorates the history of Rock & Roll, Cleveland is the perfect place for this box. While we were on a nine day road trip that started in Cleveland and went as far as Toronto, Canada (with two kids and 1,200 miles in a little rental car), we searched for and found boxes from Jefferson, Ohio to Niagara Falls, NY. We even found a hitchhiker along the way and have brought it home with us to SC to continue its trek. My son Dalton wanted to place this box so he designed the stamp and we carved it into an eraser. To find this box, go to the museum mentioned above. You don’t have to pay the price to get in since it is hidden on the grounds nearby. Standing at the entrance of the Hall of Fame, look south toward the city. The “Man in Black’s” bus will be to the right (at least as long as it is on display there). Cross the street where you will enter into a grassy tree filled garden. Turn left and walk to the corner. There you will find a sign for the “City Side Gardens”. The box is at its base upside down (you will understand why when you find it). Be careful of the shrubs around the sign – they are a bit prickly. As always, be careful of traffic and people wandering nearby. Place back like you find it so it will stay camouflaged. You will need to bring a stamp pad and pen. We did not have a ziplock bag when we planted it, so if you are one of the first to find it please take one to help preserve it.