Radium Hot Springs  LbNA # 43158

Placed DateAug 28 2008
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationRadium, BRC
Planted ByThe Palaunu Family    
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Radium Hot Springs is a quaint community with scenic views and many things to do. Radium B.C. is located on the Southern tip of Kootney National Park. The First Nations Peoples believed that the Hot Spring's water could heal sickness and rejuvinate the body.

Clues: The Letterbox is located on the trail to the Radium Hot Springs that begins in Red Streak Campground, located just outside Radium. When you start on the trail follow it up the hillside and onwards. before long you will come to a tree jutting out on the left side of the trail that grows outward and then curves up (It is so large possibble to stand on), soon after this you will come to two white trees on the left side spaced about five paces apart with names and symbols carved into them. To the right of the path where those trees were there is a tree up on a hill who's trunk forms a ring or halo. From the first tree with symbols carved into it take 60 paces along the path, then turn around. You should see a path that branches off the main trail and goes up the hill a bit more, take this path. (This path is fairly narrow, so be careful). Once up this path you will see a log to your right, and a 3-4 foot high rock faceon your left. A few paces down this rock face thre will be about a 1-foot deep indent in the rock. At the back of the indent lift up the moss and the letterbox should be there. (It may take you a few tries to find the right patch of moss).
Please Re-Hide Carefully. Also, this path is fairly popular so be aware of passers by. If you would like to you can continue down the regular path back down to the Hot Springs.
Enjoy your time in Radium!