Oak Island  LbNA # 4318

Placed DateJun 6 2003
LocationPortland, OR
Found By (hidden)
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When Lewis and Clark came to Sauvie Island in 1805 there was a large Native American population living here, awesome numbers of migratory birds passed through each year and the lakes held sturgeon. The levees and dikes built in the 1940s prevented flooding but also cause the lakes to silt up and they could no longer support these fish which can live as long as a hundred years. Today much of this island is managed as a wildlife refuge. As a result, some of the area (including Oak Island Nature Trail) is closed to visitors from October to mid April. There is also a small use fee charged. Buy your day pass at the market by the bridge.

to the Trailhead: from Portland head west on Highway 30 to the Sauvie Island Bridge. Once across the bridge drive north to Reeder Road. Turn right and go about a mile and a half to Oak Island Road. Go left here for about three miles where Oak Island Road turns to gravel and then leads to the Nature Trail parking area. The trail is about 2 1/2 miles long.

To the Sturgeon Lake Letterbox: The loop portion of this trail is approximately rectangular. Near one of the corners of the rectangle you will find two posts fifteen steps apart, one steel, one wood. Standing at the most southerly of the two, the letterbox lives at 230 degrees magnetic. It has penthouse property with a lakeside view, timber construction and a rooftop fern garden. If you are less than five and a half feet tall, bring a sky hook or anti-gravity boots. (placed April 25, 2002)

To the Steelman Lake Letterbox: Along this loop you will see a towering giant with his amputated arm lying at his feet. This fellow has a western view of Steelman Lake with solo trees at 195 and 275 degrees magnetic. You will find the letterbox at the eastern end of his severed limb. (placed June 6, 2003)

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