Long Branch Star  LbNA # 43199 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerShining Stars    
Placed DateAug 28 2008
LocationMacon, MO
Found By LadyEilonwy
Last Found Oct 29 2008
Hike Distance?

Your journey begins in the Bloomington Area of the Long Branch State Park. Walk along the grass overlooking the beach until you find a picnic table with a great view, neighbored by a large sign with an orange diamond in the center.

Use the letters on this sign to find your next heading: from the sign, face 7-3-5-12. Your goal is 90 degrees toward your left. The lake water can be high at times, so, unless you plan to get wet, you’ll have to turn back. Walk NW along the tree line. When you come to the third picnic table platform, stop for a rest. Make sure there is an evergreen tree over your shoulder.

Eleven footfalls from the platform, you will find a group of four trees. From this group, head northeast down the hill to the next picnic table. Looking east, you will spy a single evergreen tree. Walk towards it. Look around until you find a large old tree covered in knobs.

From the base of this knobby tree, a picnic table awaits you, due west. The table sits on a nearly square platform. Walk around the platform. Stop on the southeast corner. The letterbox is directly below your feet. Always poke a stick into any hole before placing your hand in.

LB location: 39° 45.992’ N, 92° 31.237’ W