Front Position  LbNA # 43207

Ownerblue angel pumbaa    
Placed DateSep 1 2008
Location???, ME
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Front Position
(Inspired by Sensei)

Did you find Free Spirits yet?

From that parking area travel 1/8 mile west. See the start of a blue-blaze trail very near a telephone pole? Enter the trail. When you get to a Y, go left. You will cross several footbridges (called “challenges” by our 5 and 7-yr olds) and rocky streambeds (how much water depends on the season). You will eventually notice the trail takes on a gentle rise. You'll see a road-like trail come in from your left (don't take it, just notice it). You will get a view of a gravel pit. Stop. Go about 22 paces (every time your right foot hits the ground). Look left. See a broken down birch? Look at base of stump. Re-hide well.

NOTE: Would the first finder please bring along a replacement ziplock? We planted this box the summer of '07 but never wrote the clues. When we checked on it recently, the bag hadn't over-wintered well but the box itself was fine.

After stamping you may double-back and head home or continue going around the loop to get back to your car.

This walk is kid and dog friendly. Enjoy!