Middleboro  LbNA # 43213

Placed DateSep 2 2008
LocationMcKean, PA
Found By 2-2 wheelers
Last Found Mar 5 2011
Hike Distance?

Middleboro History:

Sorry this letterbox is out of commission right now, someone took the stamp so now I have to carve a new one, I'll let you know when it is back in service.

Middleboro, incorporated in 1861, was situated on Plank Road about 10 miles South of Erie and 8 miles North of Edinboro. It was named Middleboro because it was almost halfway between Erie and Edinboro. The first settler was James Talmadge in 1795, and here are some other settlers that followed in the next 10 years: Thomas and Oliver Dunn, Lemuel Stancliff, Benjamin Grubb, Benjamin Grant, Robert Sterret, and James Aubrey. Some of the businesses that were in Middleboro were: one hotel, 2 dry goods stores, one grocery store, one drug store, 4 blacksmiths, 1 harness shop, one wagon/carriage and sleigh factory, 2 wagon shops, 1 sawmill, one saw/planing and shingle mill, 2 millinery stores, 1 shoemaker shop. There were also one Catholic Church, one Methodist Episcopal Church and one Schoolhouse. In 1970 Middleboro's name was changed to McKean, being named after General Thomas McKean - a General from the Revolutionary War. General Thomas McKean was also the second Governor of Pennsylvania. McKean is located at Route 99 and West Road about halfway between Erie and Edinboro.


This is an easy letterbox to find and kid friendly.
Approximately 4/10's mile North of the intersection of Route 99 and West Road, is McKean Community Park. The park is located on the West side of Route 99, with a sign letting you know you've found it. Pull into the parking lot and find a parking space. After taking a lap around the 1/4 mile asphalt pathway (and maybe enjoying a soccer or baseball game), make your way back to the entrance of the park. OK, you don't have to take the lap, but do it anyway. There you will find a picturesque gazebo. Facing the entrance to the gazebo, go to the right of the ramp, and what you seek is under the second side of the gazebo from the ramp. Take the letterbox into the gazebo or to a nearby pavilion and stamp away. Be careful, sometimes the park can be extremely busy. Please make sure everything is put back the way you found it, and happy stamping.