Just Ducky at Lake Mendocino  LbNA # 43223

Placed DateAug 26 2008
LocationUkiah, CA
Planted ByThe Sunshine Gang    
Found By catboy
Last Found Sep 10 2008
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Just Ducky

My girls group and I learned of Letterboxing from a woman who puts on a local horse camp in our area. We fell in love with the activity and have found many of the letterboxes in our area. Now we are starting to hide our own! This one is our first attempt at hiding a letterbox. We chose to hide one in one of our favorite places to hang out and feed the ducks. We hope you all enjoy it!

It doesn’t matter if you are coming from the North or South on Hwy 101…take the Lake Mendocino Dr. exit just on the outskirts of Ukiah. Head East on Lake Mendocino Dr, turn left on State Street, then at the light turn right onto Lake Mendocino Dr. From there you will drive a few miles. As you drive down Lake Mendocino Dr. check out the Army Core Engineers Fish Hatchery where they raise Steele Head during the spawning time of the season. I believe it is open to the public when the fish are spawning and it is pretty exciting to see the fish jumping out of the water. After visiting the Hatchery continue going down Lake Mendocino Dr. You will go over a series of large speed bumps and pass a garden nursery to your left. Stay straight on the road and head into a large parking lot with a boat ramp. Drive straight back to the end of the parking lot and park, if you can, near a large Eucalyptus tree at the east end of the parking lot.

Once out of the car face east and take in the beauty of Lake Mendocino, check out the birds and wildlife found there. Turn south towards the Dam and start walking along the edge of the parking lot. There are large cement squares with trees growing out of them. Pass the first 4 cement squares, then pass a very broken down one and then past the 5th square. Pass the stairs that lead down to the beach, are there ducks and geese sunning themselves or looking for food on the beach? Walk past the steps and then past the 6th and 7th cement squares. Stand in front of the 8th square and look at the coyote bush in front of it. There are 3 rocks that make a triangle shape under the bush. Look on the Dam side of the rock that is the furthest from where you stand and there you will find the Lake Mendocino Just Ducky Letterbox.