Hartshorn Woods bonus 2  LbNA # 43245

Placed DateSep 4 2008
LocationHighlands, NJ
Found By JerseyTrailblazers
Last Found Oct 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Follow the directions in the Hartshorn Woods box clues. When I checked on them I only found Dad's box alive and well (of the last 4 boxes). So, here are your new bonus clues:

I put PUFFIN near where Purple Mt Majesty used to live, but with some revised clues.At the elbow tree, standing with your back to it, head due south to the hole with the big rock at the top. Behind a trap door trailside is the box. NO INK, NO LOG.
You have a longer walk to find the rest of the boxes. You will pass a perfect LB blowdown on the left, go over the tree across the path, and walk thru a cut tree. Then on the left is a 3 trunk, rather large tree. You can see a house from here, or at least part of one. Behind this in a hole is Nana's box. Again, NO INK, NO LOG. (And I think this is before the Overlook trail and Dad's box, but I can't remember. This is what happens when you don't post the clues right away!)

I NEVER found the tree for Uncle Sam.

Dad's box is fine and awaiting visitors. Some very nice notes are in the logbook.

I NEVER found the pile of rotting logs for Old Glory, either. This is probably why Dad said never use downed trees or rotting logs as landmarks-they get moved or rot completly and you're sunk!

So, keep heading back toward the trail head on the Laurel Loop. When you can hear traffic again (and think you're near the end)and can see the cars going by you are near a post with a trailhead sign. It has an arrow pointing to the right. Take the path behind the sign. Almost immediately on the left is a big tree with a smaller one close by. Behind the smaller one, under a log I couldn't move, is COW.
And now it's about 15 min back to the parking lot from here.

All these stamps were carved by RTRW.
I hope you enjoy your walk.
Since none of them have a log the only way I'll know you found them is if you send me an email note. Please do so.