Take Me To The Cross  LbNA # 43261

Placed DateSep 6 2008
LocationCanton, OH
Found By(hidden)


This letterbox is located by a cross way up on a hill @ a church located in Jackson Township.

Be Frank on your road to find the church up on the hill.

Across the street from the church is a popular college and university frequented by commuters.

Park in the top parking lot of the church.

Like Jack and Jill take a short walk up the paved path to a beautiful flower garden. Take a seat and enjoy the flowers, trees, and many butterflies that are often seen there. Enjoy the quite and listen to the many sounds of nature.

When you are finished enjoying the scenery head back down the path. Keep your eyes open for a tree all by itself. This tree would look great in any living room when decorated at Christmas time.

Your package will be underneath in a beautifully wrapped camouflage box. ENJOY!