Webelos first box  LbNA # 43316

Placed DateAug 10 2008
LocationPowell, OH
Planted ByCub Scout Crazy    
Last Found Aug 1 2010
Hike Distance?

The Webelo Ones of Pack 842 are trying their hand at Letterboxing. We have placed a box with very easy clues so that all cub scouts can enjoy our adventure. Of course we welcome non-scouters too!
Pack 842 is affiliated with Scioto Ridge Elementary. In that spirit, we have placed the box within walking distance of the school.
Find the North baseball diamond behind the school. Walk straight out the left field line to a ridge of trees. Follow the tree line until you reach a walking trail. Heading north, follow the trail approximately 60-65 steps. On your left you should see a set of three trees that form a triangle. These trees are skinny and very bare. They stand out from the rest of the trees and bushes. At the base of these trees you'll find our box. We tried to hide it under twigs and leaves. Please be couteous and hide it as best you can as you leave.

Thank you!