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IronHorse Safari  LbNA # 43322

Placed DateSep 1 2008
LocationSimsbury, CT
Planted ByMNGK    
Found By Dulcimer Dame
Last Found Apr 30 2009
Hike Distance?

The Story

My wife and I started letterboxing in 2002, a year and a few months before my son was born. After he was born, we kind of stopped going to look. The other day I was cleaning the closet and came across my old letterboxing backpack. My 4 year old and I went through it. He got very excited about all the neat things, the compass, shovel, and the trail mix. He said he wants to look for a "treasure stamp". So the other day we went and found "the shellman". He had a great time. He rode his bike from the wellness center to the stamp. This is great because my son has Prader-Willi syndrome (see and he can use all the exercise he can get. He also wanted to hide his own stamp and we did. See below.
This is a great stamp for anyone. It is very easy to get to and the walk is really nice. You might say it is a boundless trail because even someone in a wheelchair can go get it. I would say it is about a half mile loop. Enjoy!

************************************************************ IronHorse Safari

Drive to Rotary Park. This is the boundless playground off IronHorse blvd in Simsbury. Park in the dirt lot next to the small red house/shack with white windows and metal roof. Exit your car and walk NW along the rock/grass path to the left of the fenced in play area until you get to the paved bike path. (It is only about a total of 30 yards from your car to the bike path) Turn left on the bike path.

Walk about 100 or so yards and you will see "Helens way" on the left. The town was thinking of changing Helens Way to Penny Lane but you will also see the boardwalk entrance no matter what the name. Look at the signs before you enter the boardwalk. Some have info about the History of Simsbury. Some say "Protected Wetlands" because the boardwalk is over a swampish area.

Follow the first boardwalk until you reach a dirt crossing. Cross the dirt road to the second boardwalk. Continue on the boardwalk. You can rest at the "center tree" in the middle of the boardwalk. Good view? Maybe? .....anyway once rested continue on, your almost there.

You will come to an open field and find two benches. Sit, and again enjoy the nature. If the grass is cut you may see a deer or two out there. Once you are done viewing all the nature, get up and go back to the boardwalk, However, just before you enter, look left for a
big rock with white spray paint. ( DARN KIDS! ) Climb on the rock and look behind it for a bunch of wrapped up leaves. The box is under there. Stamp in and put the box back in the middle of the sticks because some times water runs through this spot in heavy rain and I don't want the box to float away. Once done, go back on the boardwalk. You can take a right on the dirt road between the 2 boardwalks for a short cut to your car.