Sergeant Maloney's Cannon  LbNA # 43332 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 8 2008
LocationSausalito, CA
Planted Byoldscout    
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Sergeant Maloney’s Cannon

When the Point Bonita Lighthouse was lighted for the first time, in 1855 it had a problem that Sergeant Maloney was hired to help solve. Find the letterbox to find out what he did.

1. Take US 101 to the Marin Headlands of the Golden Gate National Park at the North end of the Golden Gate Bridge.
2. Follow signs to Point Bonita Lighthouse.
3. Look for a brown metal gate with 2 orange diamonds about 50 feet west of the trail to the Lighthouse.
4. Follow the trail up the hill from the gate 76 strides. Starting off on your left foot, everytime your right foot hit’s the ground is a stride. I am 6’4” so my strides may be longer than yours.
5. You will have come to the third trail to the right, from the gate. On your left is a tall tree with a trunk about one foot in diameter. The trail goes between two trees about sixteen feet apart. You may have to duck a bit.
6. Go west on the trail until you come to a crossing trail at the cliff top and turn left.
7. As you go up the trail you will see glimpses of an old lookout tower, which is at the approximate position of the first Point Bonita Lighthouse. When you walk around a bend in the trail the tower will be in full view look to you left for the tree shaped like the peace sign. The radar tower will be about 50 feet to the south of the tree.
8. Behind the tree is a smaller tree and buried in the leaves at the north side of the trunk of the smaller tree is your query.

Enjoy the rest of the day in the park.