Joe Cool's Journey  LbNA # 43342 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 9 2008
LocationHunt Valley, MD
Planted Byour abundant life    
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This is a wonderfully quiet, peaceful trail, just off the beaten path. We love to take our dog on this trail. A little long, but not too strenuous. A 20-25 minute walk one-way, but worth it!
In Cockeysville, just north of Valley View farms, head north on York Rd and make a right onto Ashland Rd, continuing for about 1 mile (Ashland will have turned into Paper Mill Rd). On your left, look for a parking lot for the NCR trail. Parking lot can be full on a busy Saturday. Park here, and head north on the trail, passing the water fountain at the end of the parking lot.
After about a 10 minute walk on the level trail, you will see an old Lime Kiln, with a sign on your left (also a bench there). The trail you want is 25 feet back. Turn around, and look on the right side of the trail (same side as Lime Kiln) for a small path heading slightly uphill into the woods (look closely, as it may be obscured by growth). Upon entering this narrow trail you will soon see a 3 trunked tree with a no-vehicle sign on it. Press on-- the trail winds up hill for a time eventually crossing over what looks like a dry river bed. 20 feet past this, and up a steeper hill, is another trail. Head to the right on this trail, you will be traveling north with the dry river bed down on your right. After a few minute walk, you will come to the top of a hill, and see a trail, narrow to the right, and wide to the left. Continue past these, staying on the same trail, heading back downhill now.
Walk on, passing over (or under) 2 large trees which have fallen on top of each other. You will soon pass a large fallen tree on your left, trail levels off, and after stepping over a smaller fallen tree, you will see a rock field up the hill on your left. Almost there!!! Trail will begin to descend again, and you will begin to hear the sound of running water. Soon, just before the stream, you will see a MASSIVE fallen tree over the trail, with a large crack in the middle. Look for our box on the right side of the trail, under the large trunk of the cracked tree. Tree has two big trunks. You want the one closest to the stream. There is a pile of rocks concealing our treasure. Good luck. If you have time, enjoy the stream, then retrace your steps to get back home. God Bless!!