Community Park Series  LbNA # 43353 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWander Lust    
Placed DateSep 9 2008
LocationCanby, OR
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Sep 20 2008
Hike Distance?

Hello, I'm Bumper the dog! I don't have a home, but I'm hoping to find one. One day when I took a walk to Canby Community Park I met a cat.

Hi, I'm Bobby Socks! I'm a homeless cat who took a walk hoping to find an owner. Instead, I found a homeless, curious dog a lot like me!

The cat was very nice, but not quite as playful as me. After we made friends I went to chase some ducks and geese.

While Bumper was chasing ducks and geese I decided to make friends with a butterfly. When the day got hot we decided to take a walk in the shade.

Bobby Socks and I found a trail behind a big sign past the restrooms and across from the playground. The trail was on a pond, and we thought that it looked like a nice place for a walk.

We chased a bird across a bridge. We ate blackberries even though I would have liked fish better!

The blackberries weren't very good but I was hungry so I ate them anyways. We decided to have a race from the blackberries to the end of a smaller bridge. I was very tired by then and wanted to take a nap. Before crossing a white culvert we stopped to get a drink. We continued on the trail. Just past a newly fallen log that had been cut into four pieces I saw a den in the roots of a tree. Here I nap, using some leaves as a blanket, waiting for you to take me home! Maybe you'll be able to see my puppy paw prints.

Promising Bumper I'd come to see him the next day, I went on in search of my home. I met my butterfly friend again and I followed her across another bridge. I got tired and my butterfly friend decided to shelter for the night in some bushes. After I crossed one more bridge I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep and the only way to keep going was to count how many steps I took. In 104 steps I found a footpath on the left going up a steep hill. I followed it until I saw twin trees on my right. Across the trail from the twins I found the perfect place to sleep. I am at the base of a tilting tree, between some roots. If you call "Here Kitty" you may find me!

Please be careful when retrieving and hiding these boxes. This is a well traveled path and the boxes need to be hidden well!
Have Fun!!!