Trolling for Squirrel  LbNA # 43365 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCaptain Bodohnicus    
Placed DateSep 11 2008
LocationBrevard, NC
Found By SusieQ2
Last Found Jul 26 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 27 2015

10/27/15 - I retired this box as the access path became way too overgrown.

8/12/13 Modified some clues (due to changed conditions) and glued the stamp (it was broken – let’s be careful out there).

Easy walk, takes about an 30 minutes.
Portions are heavily wooded - bug spray might be handy.

Named for a nearby forest with towering passes
Here many a Brevardian took their primary classes.
Enter correctly, like the visitor you are
Then bear left - hope you're still in your car!
Soon you'll be passing twixt tracks and trees
And then a sharp right avoids ditch towing fees.
Next pass a couple of diamonds in the rough
Take the first left on some gravelly stuff.
Blocks of granite kept a Fordham QB off of his ..... back
Here many will stop you, so park near the grass.

Toward a spiral of yellow, walk past a bright pole
You're now on your way to your ultimate goal.
A field on the left sports grass nicely mown,
But you should turn right, down a path overgrown.
This you can follow, until it finally T's.
Which way to turn? Through the tunnel of trees!
If you chose wrong, what soon will be seen
Is a fairly gigantic pine evergreen.

Tread carefully as roots cross your way
One stub and a fall will ruin your day.
When faced with a choice a wise person should
Shun the way out and stay in the wood.
Till finally you can't, but it's not your fault
For the path leads you out to a trail of asphalt.
If you wish to continue this fun little game
Turn away from the spot from whence you first came.

Through several wide turns climb like Jack with a pail
O’er top then, once down, granite blocks line your paved trail.
Before you continue, one quick little chore
Count the number of blocks to the faux diving board.
Take the result and multiply by four
Deep in your memory this number should be stored.

Moving on with alacrity, you've now hit your stride
When you come to a bridge count the fence posts on one side.
And while you are there, another number, rather fewer
Just how many lids top the underground sewer?
And then a last math task, hope it won't make you cower,
Take the number of sewer lids to its own power.

Back cross the bridge, with steps oh so deft
Once over it you should turn to your left.
Yes, once again, you go into the woods.
Fret not, though, for soon you will have the goods.

Though you won’t take it (you’ll keep moving forward)
A small trail on the left should not be ignored
From here count paces like posts in the bridge of boards
‘Til, like army brides, you march under an arch of swords.

Remember the sewer lids to their own power?
Count strides to a curve flanked by sentinel towers.
The quadrupled granite count now comes into play
With this number of steps, continue your way.

Standing on roots in the trail, try a triple-trunked troll
Who tightly is holding your long sought after goal.