Dark and Stormy Night  LbNA # 43367

OwnerHiking Hearts    
Placed DateSep 7 2008
LocationEstacada, OR
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Our ten year old son started carving this stamp while we were on vacation in Ashland. A thunderstorm came through town, and “Dark and Stormy Night” was born. We wanted to leave it in Ashland, but our vacation was soon over and we had to head back home without having a chance to finish the carving. After we returned home my husband decided to finish carving the stamp and we thought we would place it somewhere instead of waiting until we could get down south again. We went camping at Metzler Park in September (we have never been there before – it is a great place to camp or picnic with a family). Even though the weather was beautiful we thought this would be a great place to plant our very first letterbox. We hope you enjoy the park as much as we did.

Also, be sure to check out the Clackamas County Park Series – Bad Baby Sitter letterbox placed by Sleepy Whippet while you are there.

Metzler Park:
A $3 per vehicle day use entry fee is charged on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Annual day use passes can be purchased for $30. Valid at all Clackamas County owned parks.

Metzler Park is located approximately 5 miles south of Estacada.
Take I-205 to Exit 12, Clackamas/Estacada, and turn eastbound onto HWY 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles through Clackamas to the Hwy 212/224 junction (rock Creek junction), turn right onto Hwy 224, and proceed 15.1 miles following signs to Estacada. Pass through Estacada, just on the outskirts of Estacada, turn right onto Hwy 211, crossing a bridge. Go 4 miles to Tucker Rd; turn right. Proceed ˝ mile and make a sharp left turn onto Metzler Park Rd. The park entrance is 1.6 miles down the road (road dead ends into the park).

Park your car near the swing sets and basketball courts.
Grab your compass and head out at 150˚ to find “Alice”.
Swimming anyone? Ok. Head down the aisle and past the benches.
Remember, “No jumping” on me on the way over.
The water looks pretty cold - so let’s skip the swimming and the stairs and head left following a small creek.
At 60 kid size steps, veer to the right.
“Mom” and “Dad” should be on your left and the “Siamese Twins” on your right.
Look on the west side of the twins at the base under some bark and moss for “Dark and Stormy Night”.