South Rim  LbNA # 434 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 12 2003
LocationOak Mtn. State Park, Pelham, AL
Planted Bygubbool    
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The South Rim Trail is one of the most scenic hikes in the Oak Mountain system. To find the letterbox, begin at the North Trailhead and follow the South Rim Trail.

Long hike -- about 3.5 miles
This is a moderately strenuous hike with many inclines early and easier hiking later. Take your time to enjoy the wonderful overlooks along the way.

Follow the trail until you find a wooden trail sign indicating that Peavine Falls is 3.2 miles ahead. A side trail arises at this point which leads east to the south ridge of Double Oak Mountain. Follow this trail to the
ridge and continue along this ridge trail as it curves to the north. You will reach a stone fire circle on the west side of a large rock formation. The rock formation has a shallow cave on its south end. Circle around the south end of the rock and continue to its east side. Here there is another stone fire circle. Standing in the center of this circle, take a 290° facing. Step 2 paces to the base of the rock formation. Directly ahead, at eye level, a vertical
crevice in the rock points downward to The South Rim Letterbox. Climb the rock to uncover it.

This is a great site for a picnic lunch. I recommend that you obtain a trail map from the park office before searching for this box. The search can be incorporated into several possible loop hikes from the North Trailhead.

Placed by ALMSBell