Lady Bird Box  LbNA # 43412

OwnerNancyAnne & Doug    
Placed DateSep 9 2008
LocationOrick, CA
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found May 20 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 31 2015

The Lady Bird Box is dedicated, and rightfully so, to the wife of the thirty-sixth president of the United States. It is hidden in a lovely grove of old-growth redwood trees which bears her name. The grove is located off of Bald Hills Road, right off 101. The nature trail is an easy one-mile loop and a great place to unwind, keeping in mind the sad fact that today less than four percent of the old-growth redwood forests remain. We recommend reading the nature trail guide as you's especially well written.

To find the Lady Bird box park in the lot and head across the pedestrian bridge and up the trail. Between markers 3 and 4 you will come to a bench on the west side of the trail. Sitting on the bench, you should be facing a spot where the loop of the trail comes together. It is marked with a trail sign. As you sit, look over your right shoulder at a small-leaved shrub (we're pretty sure it's a huckleberry). The Lady Bird Box is hiding in that shrub beneath 2 rocks and some duff, hopefully. Please, please replace the rocks carefully, along with some camouflaging duff. We had to carry the rocks in as they are not abundant in the area. This can be quite a solitary spot or a fairly busy and well-traveled one, so be wary! We had thought we would hide the box in a more secluded spot, but every one we considered seemed to present problems. And please let us know how the box is doing since we do not live in the area. We hope you enjoy this beautiful walk!