Mystery Series #8 and #10  LbNA # 43438

OwnerLizard Mom    
Placed DateSep 13 2008
LocationCenterville, OH
Found By GS Troop 32537
Last Found May 31 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 14 2015

“The Washington Township Board of Trustees authorized purchase of Ten Acres of land in 1867 for use as a public cemetery….”

In the heart of historic Centerville, Ohio lies the “New Centerville Cemetery”. The above quote is the opening phrase on the historic marker at the Visitor Center. Check it out! The entrance to the cemetery is nestled in a residential area in the North East quadrant of the Route 48/Route 725 intersection. East of Route 48, 725 is called East Franklin Street. From East Franklin, turn North onto Maple Avenue. Just past East Ridgeway you will see a brick pillar on your right with the legend 68 Maple Avenue; turn in and you have arrived. Parking is pretty much tuck-as-tuck-can onto the grass verge. There is a wider strip of asphalt near the Visitor Center, but no actual parking lot.

Be extra wary as you find and rehide the boxes here. The apartment residents seem to spend a lot of time on their balconies, contemplating the view….

As you enter, with the cemetery on your left and some apartments on your right, pass the first turning and look for the Weller family. They have two large monuments. Near the taller of the two is a boulder trying to upturn an old oak tree. Tucked between is Box #8.

Missing Box; Find the main intersection, where Sections 1-4 converge. There is an old fashioned pump painted black here. Give it a try, but don’t count on filling your canteen. Turn your back on Section 3. Approximately ten paces brings you to a charming memorial to Ethel & Little Clifford: “Our Darlings”. To the left of this sculptural statement is a triple-trunk evergreen. Find #9 nestled in its heart. THIS BOX IS TEMPORARILY MISSING, JUNE 2009.

Return to the pump. At last, the mystery is going to be solved! Turn toward Section 2. Wander in until you find “Broadway”. Box #10, as well as the breathtaking solution to the mystery, is hidden under Sarah’s end of things.