Dog Days of Suumer  LbNA # 43460

Placed DateAug 4 2008
LocationAlbany, GA
Found By teamtnt60s
Last Found Apr 25 2010
Hike Distance?

The “Dog Days of Summer” can be found in Cheehaw Park in Albany Georgia . This letter box got its name from the trip that we took in July of 2008. Visiting South Georgia this time of the year you will experience the gnats that will drive you crazy. While we were there we talked to one of the park workers and they said that we came during the “Dog Days of Summer” meaning when the gnats are bad. I thought this saying was cute so that is how the letter box got its name.

Directions to Letter Box:

Enter Cheehaw Park and pay the gate fee. This road is one way so you will get to see the park as you drive to the letter box. First you will come up on a BMX track on your right and then will see a neat play park on the left. Continue on past the entrance to the Animal Park until you see a small pond on your right. Turn into the drive for the pond and you will see an old fireplace. Just up inside the fireplace you will find the “Dog Days of Summer” After locating the letter box take the time to visit some of the attractions in the park you will enjoy!