My Favorite Songbird  LbNA # 43461

Placed DateSep 18 2008
LocationStafford Springs, CT
Planted ByThe Alleycatz    
Found By M-S-M
Last Found Jul 1 2011
Hike Distance?

The chickadee is cheery
As he chirps away
Sometimes a fee-bee is his call
And other times his name

He loves to eat sunflower seeds
As he flies across the land
And sometimes he'll be tame enough
To eat out of your hand!

So to the chickadee I place
This special letter box
Follow the clues to find this one
In among the rocks

In Stafford Springs there is a place
With a gazebo tall and white
And off of Stafford Street turn into
This park on your right

It isn't by the one-room school
That's being built so near
But if you sit at the third bench
You'll find it by your rear!

Please rehide carefully, this is a public place!