Hot Dog  LbNA # 43483

Placed DateAug 31 2008
LocationColumbus, OH
Found BySpoiled Rotten
Last UpdateOct 2 2011


clue image

Note: On June 29, 2011 we replanted this box in an all-new location with the original stamp and logbook.

What does a dog do when itís happy? Find the trail by this name, in the place indicated in the image.

When you get to the location and parked in its lot, walk counterclockwise on the trail around the restored prairie. First you will be heading south/southwest; then the path turns eastward along the treeline, and eventually you will come to a trailmap post and wastecan. At this point the path splits. You are going to take the wooded path. Take 28 steps on the path into the woods. There will be a tall locust tree on your right, just off the path, in front of an old fence. The Hot Dog is located just behind this tree, between the tree and the old fence.

(If this path curves to the right with a hiking trailpost on your left, youíve gone too far.)

Please conceal the box well and cover it with plenty of Bark after youíve stamped in.