Purple People Eater Letterbox  LbNA # 43494

Placed DateSep 19 2008
CountyNew Haven
LocationMilford, CT
Planted Bymizzuein    
Found By Dino Don
Last Found Jun 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Purple People Eater Letterbox

This is an easy walk, pretty level, great for families with small kids. Located at Eisenhower Park in Milford. There are two entrances to the Park – North Street with the playground and tennis courts and West River Street with the horse run and dog run. You want to use the West River Street entrance….

Enter the park through the chain fence entrance, following the paved road. Keep an eye out for cottontail rabbits, chipmunks, woodchucks, loads of squirrels, snakes, toads, frogs, salamanders, and many birds. Once over the bridge, turn off the paved road to follow a dirt road. You will pass a 2 sister tree and a large mossy rock on your right. Follow the dirt road as it becomes a footpath. Just before the cement block, turn right and continue to follow the footpath. The stream will be on your left.

When you come to an old horse path, find the forked maple to your right. If you pass a 4 sister tree on your right, you’ve passed the horse path and need to turn around. At the forked maple, turn 340 degrees and walk to the tall maple with the hollow log at the base. The Purple People Eater is nestled snug in the hollow log. Poor thing – it’s so small, it hasn’t even grown its wings and can’t fly. But, if you’re really quiet, you can hear it playing a tune out of the horn on its head!

Please reseal all baggies and rehide letterbox carefully after exchanging stamps. To report any damage or needed maintenance, please contact mizzuein through www.letterboxing.org.

As with all outdoor trails, watch out for poison ivy, use skeeter spray when in season, and watch out for doggy and horse landmines.

If you have time, take a walk around the park. In its day, families enjoyed its small beach on the other shore of the pond and swam in the pond, using its pier to jump into the water. Families also bbq’d at the many grills and picnicked at the many picnic tables on the side that the Purple People Eater is hidden. While the blueberry bushes have been choked out, there are plans to plant more to replace them. Even now, wild Concord grapes can be picked and made into fantastically tasty jelly. If you have the inclination, bring a trash bag and pick up some litter on your walk around. The Scouts did a great job on Milford Earth Day, but litter happens everyday.

Thanks to SuzySquirrel for supplying a pen!